About MLM: Letters from the Editors

Spring/Summer 2017

With great joy, we bring you this edition of the Medical Literary Messenger. It brings a reminder that there is, in fact, joy to be found in medicine and illness. The tenderness of a nurse‚Äôs touch, the rhythm of a dance, the encouragement of a friend. Take some time with the beautiful photos of a medical relief trip to Honduras, our first photo essay featured in MLM. Of course, with joy comes her sister sorrow. The loss of a patient, a spouse, or the loss of yourself in an illness. We hope these stories and poems help you experience the full spectrum of emotion innate to medicine.
Megan Lemay, MD | Associate Editor

Fall/Winter 2016

We are delighted to publish this edition of the Medical Literary Messenger. In this edition, we explore medicine and the healing arts through heavy doses of poetry, a shift from prior publications. We hope that you find the content moving and meaningful. Thank you to our diverse contributors. And, as always, Dear Reader, thank you for making the Medical Literary Messenger a relevant voice in both medicine and the humanities.
Gonzalo Bearman, MD, MPH | Editor in Chief

Spring/Summer 2016

When reading this edition of the VCU Medical Literary Messenger, I am struck by reflection- how art reflects life, how the end reflects the beginning, and what we choose to reflect upon when we experience medicine as patients or professionals. Please enjoy what I consider to be some of the finest visual art and photography featured in our publication thus far, as well as poetry and prose bursting with imagery and feeling. May it offer you the same time for reflection it offered me.
Megan Lemay, MD | Associate Editor

Fall/Winter 2015

We are proud to publish this edition Medical Literary Messenger. As we continue to grow, choosing among the submissions has become increasingly difficult. To help, we have added Dr. Megan Lemay, Assistant Professor of Medicine at VCU, as our Associate Editor. As you explore this edition of the Medical Literary Messenger, we hope that the stories, poems, and images will inspire you to pause and reflect on medicine and the human condition.
Gonzalo Bearman, MD | Editor in Chief

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